The Calligraphy Basics Mini-Course

Kickstart Your Calligraphy Practice for FREE, with Only a Pencil

Feeling bored and restless during quarantine?

Need a new creative outlet?

Curious about calligraphy but don't have the tools?

Now more than ever, practicing calligraphy is one of the best ways to relax, to disconnect from the stress of our digital world, and to find a creative outlet during these uneasy times. The Calligraphy Basics Mini-Course is a completely free way for you to try your hand learning beginner calligraphy concepts at home... using only a pencil!

What's Inside Your Free Online Course

  1. The Calligraphy Basics Mini-Course

    1. Getting Started: Your Tools!

    2. Upstrokes and Downstrokes

    3. Let's Try Some Warm-Up Drills!

    4. Cursive vs. Calligraphy

  1. What's Next?

    1. LIVE Virtual Workshops!

Calligraphy Instructor and student in workshop

Meet Cody.

Calligrapher, Stationery Designer, Educator.

As a former event planner, festival manager and fundraiser, I’m a Toronto-based calligrapher who lives and breathes live events. I get it. There are so many moving parts to planning an event, but it's the small details that leave lasting memories.

Whether it’s boutique wedding invitations, live brand activations, or beginner calligraphy classes, there’s nothing I love more than creating both memorable and personalized experiences through calligraphy.

With the events industry being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm bringing my acclaimed calligraphy instruction online.

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